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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 317/318

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On Tuesday morning Worth got news via his mobile that he could not go on a trial to fight the Big C as he had failed one of the liver blood tests. You can read more fully about this on where he keeps his life Blog. 

Devasted he came out of work to an empty home as Gates was doing a week’s work at a local sports school. She was beside herself as she wanted to be where she thought she should be, by Worth’s side. Worth insisted she should see through her weeks work as it might be of benefit to her in the future. He watched a lot of TV got himself in a calmer happier place and at quarter to six he was rewarded with what to his eyes was the most beautiful sight in the world – Gates stepping through the front door into his world.

They kissed and hugged and as the evening went on they cried a little bit. They read Biggles, they watched The Crown on Netflix. Not a bad old day.

The next day was similar but Worth went to work. He came home at 3 though feeling tired and sick and cold and layer in bed till Worth appeared. The lie down did him good and he looked forward to their evening together.


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