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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 319-321

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Thursday saw Worth visit his oncologist and hatch a new plan of attack. Gates was not able to attend as she was still doing her survey work. For a week that should have been without any appointments it had turned into a very busy week. She was very concerned about him and had to keep in touch when she could.

Friday Worth and Gates were both at work, the last day for Gates. It was not without some sadness as she had come to enjoy what she was doing and was told by both staff and students that she would be missed. On reflection she realised that it was a consequence of working in a happy environment, where people were working towards a common goal. There was a buzz and an enthusiasm, an infection for success and lots of motivating statements in the Sports Academy that had clearly done their work in Gates’s mind. The last few years in her previous job had been tedious, relentless and unrewarding. Clearly a week of working somewhere positive was undoing all that damage. She had come home buzzing every day this week full of snippets to amuse Worth and he revelled in this new bright Gates, rediscovered and alive.
Saturday was a lazy day. Tea in bed, then more tea and toast and finally just before lunch they crawled from their pit. Gates went out shopping, Worth watched tv, the cats mostly slept and occasionally squabbled as they do. The bright morning turned into a dull afternoon and a wet evening. 

The picture is of Worth’s favourite drink which he calls “juicy”. It is a very precise recipe…10 blackcurrants, 21 raspberries. It is delicious but Gates wondered how they arrived at these amounts.


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