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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 322/366

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Worth and Gates were excited to be seeing their friends from The Welsh MINI Group for a meet up at The Haynes Motor Museuem. They left at 8 in the morning to join the convoy at 9 at Gordano Services.

However just before Cheltenham it became apparent the Worth was not feeling well and they decided to turn around and go home. Worth had a poorly tum and dashed to the toilet. He felt better after this but still tired and while he was sad to be missing out felt they had made the right decision. Later they tidied out the study and the bookcases which were all still shell shocked after the hall and landing decorating.

After some chicken soup for lunch they cried together bodied up on the sofa watching an old rom com.

A lazy Sunday then.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 322/366

  1. Lazy Sundays are good….

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