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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 323-324/366

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Worth went to work on Monday and enjoyed it. However, he did get very tired and left early being home for 3.30.

Gates meanwhile was getting back into the stride of the life she had before she had a short term job to do and before she was overpowered with DIY around the house. She was once more a lady who did lunch.

She met up with her fellow professional work colleagues from her days working for the NHS and enjoyed a pleasant catch up with her colleagues and chums from those days.

Gates got home to find Worth feeling better in bed. A bit of tele and an early night took them to Tuesday.

Another work day for Worth and another day sloping off early feeling tired. This is starting to get him down so he hopes his new chemo regime will get him back on track.

Worth came home to find this disturbing can of ‘behaviour correction spray’ on the table. He was very wary of it until Gates explained it was for Bertie. Worth however, remained somewhat unconvinced.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 323-324/366

  1. haha! I immediately thought Gates bought it for you, Adrian! Not poor, sweet little Bertie! Oh, that’s too funny.

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