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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 325/366

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Today Worth resumed an old chemo treatment he has had before. He was a little anxious but it all went well. The cannula was fitted with the minimum of fuss and he felt well throughout. Afterwards he was very tender by the cannula but instantly felt it had all done him a lot of good.

They were home for half three and tested their new groovy looking kettle which had arrived. They loved it.

Talking of “groovy” Worth and Gates have decided to bring back “Groovy Word Of The Day” for no other reason than they can and because today they felt groovy.

So, Groovy Word Of the Day for today is “Shebang.”

Try to use it twice today in ordinary conversation. It was picked to day because Gates asked the nurses if she is to give him the whole “shebang” regarding Worth’s tablets. The word shot round the four of us as we all felt like using that word.

The whole shebang?

Yep the whole shebang.

Yep the whole shebang.

The whole shebang it is then.

And that says Worth and Gates is how to live your life – The Whole Shebang!


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth and Gates 325/366

  1. We took a little vacation over our Thanksgiving holiday and ditched the entire shebang of cooking and, instead, went out for dinner and enjoyed ourselves tremendously! Groovy word, indeed!

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