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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 326/366

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As well as the infusion of chemotherapy yesterday, Worth also takes a tablet form too. There are side effects, such as tingling fingers, tingling toes and tingling mouth. Cold drinks kick it off in the mouth or metal on the fingers such as door handles. The there is the swinging from constipation to the other extreme. 

If you let it, it will get you down. Sometimes Worth suffers this but Gates is always around to pick him up. In this photograph Worth had insisted on checking his bird out. Gates will always play along. She loves it when Worth is larking about, chasing a laugh, hunting down a giggle. Sometimes though he gets tired and she misses her silly Worth. So here he is checking her ears for levelness. Fortunately they are as wonky as ever and Worth is delightfully pleased by this. 

He likes to summon Gates to sit near him, where he can touch her and talk to her and Gates loves the intimacy created. Such little displays are so important and Worth and Gates never want to lose this.

Now Worth is not house bound don’t get me wrong but his world is shrinking so they adapt, have a quieter Christmas but nonetheless they make plans and small adventures. Worth wants to spoil Gates on the shopping front so he gets excited by that.

But enough waffling on. Worth went to work but was tired in the afternoon and was home for a little after 3. He had a snooze and then The Elf turned up, happy, giddy full of the joys of a recent adventure in Amsterdam, while at the same time complaining about insomnia. It made Worth think of his own Amsterdam adventure with Gates. Antics on a plane, a train, a dinner cruise boat and so on, not to forget their ambivalence towards the red light district. Can you be a twee hedonistic Worth wondered?

Worth had rallied and had a bit more energy but a lot of hiccups. The evening passed very pleasantly with a chat and a natter around the dinner table. Worth enjoyed seeing The Elf, who by the way had swanned over to have a spa day on Friday with her Mum Gates.

So Groovy Word Of The Day: Chopsy.

Try to use it once or twice today in ordinary conversation but don’t worry if you don’t as I won’t get chopsy with you.


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