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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 360-366

It is very sad but fitting that we shall get to the end of the year with Worth in very poor health, struggling to eat, confused to distraction. This time it will not resolve itself. This time the big C means business and there is nothing left to keep it at bay. The irony is that having won its battle it will then expire itself, for without Worth to host its parasitic greed it will cease to exist. What a vile disease it is. Gates can only sit and watch as Worth slips away and hope his anxiety and distress can run its course with as little unpleasantness and time as possible. It seems impossible to think that only two weeks ago they decorated their tree together. 

They still have a succession of visitors which is lovely for Gates but tiring for Worth. Gates’s daughter came home for the weekend which helped Gates enormously and helped her organise life a little better.

The cats are behaving for once. Bertie sleeps with Worth most afternoons whilst Ola finds her own bolt holes to avoid him. The house is unnaturally quiet. The last day of the year; will it end badly or will the next begin badly? 

Gates wrote this on the evening of 30th December and all is resolved now by ending badly. Poor Worth died this morning.

For Gates the immediate prospect is too awful to contemplate but once the initial tasks are done then she must remember to smile for him. 

Worth always loved her smile.


The Antics Of Worth and Gates 349-360/366

These last few days have been hard work for Worth and Gates. Worth has been struggling with extreme tiredness, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting and just generally feeling lousy- too poorly to even concentrate on writing antics, less still to get up to any. Gates has been the stalwart right hand man she always is but she too could not summon up the necessary enthusiasm to get the job done.

So they apologise for not keeping their followers up to date and allowing them to worry. But they are still marching on, trackless towards a very sure and certain destination, but with no timescale.

These days have seen a splendid array of friends who have come to visit and cheer Worth up, which they do immensely. And although it might seem to them that they tire him  out, in fact they perk him up and give him some focus for a laugh and a joke. As a result of this they have many gifts of sweets, chocolates and flowers to brighten up the Folly. 

Worth has also bought Gates a small toy soldier to keep her safe come the day when he is not around to advise her. He is a brave bold chap and will travel with Gates wherever she goes, but for now he sits on the mantelpiece infusing himself with essence of Worth, preparing himself for his new role. It is a big role to fill.

Christmas Day was also Gates’s birthday and she was pleased that both her son and daughter were around to help with preparations for their Christmas meal. 

They also had the added distraction of the District Nurse coming every day to refill Worth’s syringe driver with his medication, so their meal was in the end a bit later than they had planned. 

So perhaps not an inspiring entry but undoubtedly better than last Christmas, which has probably gone unrecorded but was a great deal of pain for Worth, no Christmas meal for Gates and disappointment for both. So Happy Christmas to all those who read this indulgent blog and Worth and Gates wish you all the best for the New Year.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 348/366

Tuesday gave Worth and Gates a chance to catch up with their old friend Andy who came to visit. This made a welcome change from the quietness of the last two days. They entertained him with a tour of Beastie Folly and Worth’s watch display which was in its full glory as they are in residence and likely to stay so for the time being. 

Groovy Word of the Day :test

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 346,347/366

After a hectic weekend in London the antics really slowed down for Worth and Gates on Sunday and Monday. Late mornings followed by lazy afternoons were in order so they could recharge their batteries. Worth discovered that soup made an ideal lunch for him and settled well, or at least better than most things. 

Groovy Word of the day: epicurean 

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 345/366

Saturday was a busy day for Worth and Gates. They had to be on a train to London in time for a spot of lunch and then watch Gates’s son Duncan’s play at the Old Red Lion theatre. Worth finds getting going in the morning very hard these days so it was a challenge for him but he really wanted to support both Gates and her son, and he had promised he would be there. The train took Gates, Worth and his cousin Lorraine to Waterloo, then to make life as easy as possible they had a taxi to Islington. They met Duncan in the Old Red Lion pub where they had pie and mash for lunch. It was soon time for the performance and they went upstairs to the theatre space.

The theatre was very intimate with seating for about 40 arranged around the stage and as a consequence they felt very much part of the performance. It was very well produced and the stage set and effects were very realistic especially as they were so close to the stage. Worth and Gates enjoyed it very much and felt it was worthy of the good reviews it had received.

Gates’s daughter Amelia popped in to say hello before she met up with her Dad to see the evening performance. Then it was time catch the train back to Ashstead. By this time Worth was exhausted and when he reached his cousins house he needed a rest before the journey back home. Then with Worth tucked up in the rug in the back of the car, Gates took on the pouring rain to get him back. An accident on Birdlip hill meant they had to trawl around Cheltenham on their way home, but at last they made it. Bertie was elated to see them after his first night on his own, and bounced around in glee as they got home. Ola was out and didn’t greet them until much later. A very busy and satisfying day, Gates was very proud of Worth for making such a sterling effort, when he clearly felt very poorly indeed.

Groovy Word of the Day : intrepid.


The Antics Of Worth And Gates 344/366

Friday was another busy day for Worth and Gates. First they went for a visit with one of the team under their Chemo consultant . Due to the yellow skin they decided that no treatment was perhaps the best way to go. A further meeting with the head consultant was to be set up to approve or otherwise this route, but Gates and Worth feel he will agree with it.

The meeting was quite hard hitting in other ways with it being touched on that lasting till Christmas was not a given. Worth and Gates think they will make this but not his birthday in March.

They came out of the consultation with much to ponder about as they drove To London, to see Worth’s cousin Lorraine.

They had a good run until they were 15 minutes away when the M25 blocked and added 45 minutes to their trip.

There at last, they were revived with tea and cake and Worth had a small sleep to recover from the long drive down. Worth’s cousin Andrew dropped by to say hello and his Auntie Enid and Uncle Jim spent the evening there all enjoying a nice Chinese meal together. It was a lovely meal but Worth is struggling to keep food down. He did his best but he was very up and down with it. Gates and Worth loved the carpet they rested their slippers on, by the way, “Treetops” by Sanderson.

A welcome bed beckoned for both of them and the groovy Word of the day is, “Canopy”.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 343/366

Thursday saw Gates and Worth head to Bicester shopping village where they went for two things a Hamilton watch and a hand bag – both for Gates.

They had seen the watch before so it was just a case of making sure it was still there. It was so they got it and Worth who had had his eye on this watch for Gates for simply ages was delighted. Gates too fell in love with it and a little bit in love with Worth’s enthusiasm. 

They had a lovely lunch though Worh could only manage three quarters of his soup Gates had all her sandwich. Next stop Vivienne Westwood and Gates saw just what she wanted, so job done.

They came home tired but satisfied with their trip.

Groovy Word of the day is “fortuitous”.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 341, 342/366

Tuesday was a lazy day, they popped into their solicitors to make some adjustments on the legal front and they picked up a mat for the hall made from an off cut from the hall carpet. They also got a new letter box draught excluder which they then fitted.

Wednesday saw Gates and Worth seeing the Palliative Consultant. It was frank and it was informative, compassionate and understanding. It summed up their railway journey as they fight the Big C. Now there are no more tracks to be laid and no real stations to stop at. Time to put as much quality into the quantity of life they have left. Thursday will see a further consultation to see if they continue with the chemo. So time to add a little quality their lives.

Worth and Gates left St Richard’s Hospice and went into Worcester. First stop was lunch at The Thai Gallery in Worcester, where they shared sweet and sour chicken and beef and cashew nuts. It was delicious and while Worth only had small portions, between them they cleared the plates.

From there they had a shopping mooch where Gates finished off her blue accessories with the blue leather gloves above courtesy of M & S.

A tele evening ended their day.

Groovy Words for these days, “rumpled” and “bamboozle”.

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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 340/366

On Monday Worth and Gates had a bit of a lie in and then went to Worth’s place of work to hand in a sick note, update Lesley in HR about how Worth is and say a quick hello to everyone. Worth found it quite emotional but I think he managed to keep that under wraps.

The very act of being up and out gave Worth some extra energy so he decided to go with Gates as she went to Waitrose to do a shop. Emboldened he took her to Cox’s  to see if he could get some smart jeans. Well he was in luck and got a pair. He had a few pulls in his current ones but these were now much better. Lady P spotted a Betty Barclay zippered top. It had horizontal quilting on the front and a simple cut reminiscent of a classic Chanel  jacket. It is surprising how easy it is to spend a lot of money in Malvern!

Once home they battened down the hatches and armed with the knowledge that vinyl sales had grossed more income than download sales last week, for the first time ever, they put the needle in the groove to enjoy some rich music. 

Worth knows he’s just an old fool really, but he thinks he’s a trendy old fool, so let’s not burst his bubble.

Groovy Word Of The Day is “aficionado”.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 339/366

Worth and Gates’ friends were leaving today so Gates stoked them up with a cooked breakfast to help them on their way. Worth was feeling much brighter today and more like his old self. One set of friends left and soon another set arrived for the afternoon. Another film and later another Chinese which seems to be Worth’s food of choice at the moment. 

Groovy Word of the day: hankering