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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 340/366

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On Monday Worth and Gates had a bit of a lie in and then went to Worth’s place of work to hand in a sick note, update Lesley in HR about how Worth is and say a quick hello to everyone. Worth found it quite emotional but I think he managed to keep that under wraps.

The very act of being up and out gave Worth some extra energy so he decided to go with Gates as she went to Waitrose to do a shop. Emboldened he took her to Cox’s  to see if he could get some smart jeans. Well he was in luck and got a pair. He had a few pulls in his current ones but these were now much better. Lady P spotted a Betty Barclay zippered top. It had horizontal quilting on the front and a simple cut reminiscent of a classic Chanel  jacket. It is surprising how easy it is to spend a lot of money in Malvern!

Once home they battened down the hatches and armed with the knowledge that vinyl sales had grossed more income than download sales last week, for the first time ever, they put the needle in the groove to enjoy some rich music. 

Worth knows he’s just an old fool really, but he thinks he’s a trendy old fool, so let’s not burst his bubble.

Groovy Word Of The Day is “aficionado”.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 340/366

  1. Never ever would I burst your bubble! I consider you a music aficionado. And little Bertie looks quite the big boy in that adorable pose of his.

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