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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 344/366


Friday was another busy day for Worth and Gates. First they went for a visit with one of the team under their Chemo consultant . Due to the yellow skin they decided that no treatment was perhaps the best way to go. A further meeting with the head consultant was to be set up to approve or otherwise this route, but Gates and Worth feel he will agree with it.

The meeting was quite hard hitting in other ways with it being touched on that lasting till Christmas was not a given. Worth and Gates think they will make this but not his birthday in March.

They came out of the consultation with much to ponder about as they drove To London, to see Worth’s cousin Lorraine.

They had a good run until they were 15 minutes away when the M25 blocked and added 45 minutes to their trip.

There at last, they were revived with tea and cake and Worth had a small sleep to recover from the long drive down. Worth’s cousin Andrew dropped by to say hello and his Auntie Enid and Uncle Jim spent the evening there all enjoying a nice Chinese meal together. It was a lovely meal but Worth is struggling to keep food down. He did his best but he was very up and down with it. Gates and Worth loved the carpet they rested their slippers on, by the way, “Treetops” by Sanderson.

A welcome bed beckoned for both of them and the groovy Word of the day is, “Canopy”.


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3 thoughts on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 344/366

  1. Cheers to you both. So wish this was better news…

    • I know but we have know for a long time. How are things on your front?

      • Had chemo yesterday and had my Pet scan read. My doctors are so pleased. My immune system is doing well with the meds. One more year to go and I should be done with chemo…until I need it gain. Staying strong, Adrian. That is all we can do.

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