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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 345/366

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Saturday was a busy day for Worth and Gates. They had to be on a train to London in time for a spot of lunch and then watch Gates’s son Duncan’s play at the Old Red Lion theatre. Worth finds getting going in the morning very hard these days so it was a challenge for him but he really wanted to support both Gates and her son, and he had promised he would be there. The train took Gates, Worth and his cousin Lorraine to Waterloo, then to make life as easy as possible they had a taxi to Islington. They met Duncan in the Old Red Lion pub where they had pie and mash for lunch. It was soon time for the performance and they went upstairs to the theatre space.

The theatre was very intimate with seating for about 40 arranged around the stage and as a consequence they felt very much part of the performance. It was very well produced and the stage set and effects were very realistic especially as they were so close to the stage. Worth and Gates enjoyed it very much and felt it was worthy of the good reviews it had received.

Gates’s daughter Amelia popped in to say hello before she met up with her Dad to see the evening performance. Then it was time catch the train back to Ashstead. By this time Worth was exhausted and when he reached his cousins house he needed a rest before the journey back home. Then with Worth tucked up in the rug in the back of the car, Gates took on the pouring rain to get him back. An accident on Birdlip hill meant they had to trawl around Cheltenham on their way home, but at last they made it. Bertie was elated to see them after his first night on his own, and bounced around in glee as they got home. Ola was out and didn’t greet them until much later. A very busy and satisfying day, Gates was very proud of Worth for making such a sterling effort, when he clearly felt very poorly indeed.

Groovy Word of the Day : intrepid.


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  1. Bertie–being greeted by you would have made me smile, too.

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