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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 349-360/366


These last few days have been hard work for Worth and Gates. Worth has been struggling with extreme tiredness, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting and just generally feeling lousy- too poorly to even concentrate on writing antics, less still to get up to any. Gates has been the stalwart right hand man she always is but she too could not summon up the necessary enthusiasm to get the job done.

So they apologise for not keeping their followers up to date and allowing them to worry. But they are still marching on, trackless towards a very sure and certain destination, but with no timescale.

These days have seen a splendid array of friends who have come to visit and cheer Worth up, which they do immensely. And although it might seem to them that they tire him  out, in fact they perk him up and give him some focus for a laugh and a joke. As a result of this they have many gifts of sweets, chocolates and flowers to brighten up the Folly. 

Worth has also bought Gates a small toy soldier to keep her safe come the day when he is not around to advise her. He is a brave bold chap and will travel with Gates wherever she goes, but for now he sits on the mantelpiece infusing himself with essence of Worth, preparing himself for his new role. It is a big role to fill.

Christmas Day was also Gates’s birthday and she was pleased that both her son and daughter were around to help with preparations for their Christmas meal. 

They also had the added distraction of the District Nurse coming every day to refill Worth’s syringe driver with his medication, so their meal was in the end a bit later than they had planned. 

So perhaps not an inspiring entry but undoubtedly better than last Christmas, which has probably gone unrecorded but was a great deal of pain for Worth, no Christmas meal for Gates and disappointment for both. So Happy Christmas to all those who read this indulgent blog and Worth and Gates wish you all the best for the New Year.


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2 thoughts on “The Antics Of Worth and Gates 349-360/366

  1. I am ever so happy to read this and hear that your friends are bringing some joy to your days. Gates–Happy Birthday to you! Yes, that soldier has so much to absorb–very big shoes to fill so he best be a keen observer.
    Adrian–I hope your days are tolerable. While I am glad to read this, it does pain me of what I read. Take care of yourselves, both of you. I hope you can feel the love across the ponds. XOXO

    • Thanks for that lovely message. We are very glad that people like you take the time to be kind. We are getting through this as best we can and having as much fun as we can. Have a very happy new year yourselves xx

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