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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 360-366


It is very sad but fitting that we shall get to the end of the year with Worth in very poor health, struggling to eat, confused to distraction. This time it will not resolve itself. This time the big C means business and there is nothing left to keep it at bay. The irony is that having won its battle it will then expire itself, for without Worth to host its parasitic greed it will cease to exist. What a vile disease it is. Gates can only sit and watch as Worth slips away and hope his anxiety and distress can run its course with as little unpleasantness and time as possible. It seems impossible to think that only two weeks ago they decorated their tree together. 

They still have a succession of visitors which is lovely for Gates but tiring for Worth. Gates’s daughter came home for the weekend which helped Gates enormously and helped her organise life a little better.

The cats are behaving for once. Bertie sleeps with Worth most afternoons whilst Ola finds her own bolt holes to avoid him. The house is unnaturally quiet. The last day of the year; will it end badly or will the next begin badly? 

Gates wrote this on the evening of 30th December and all is resolved now by ending badly. Poor Worth died this morning.

For Gates the immediate prospect is too awful to contemplate but once the initial tasks are done then she must remember to smile for him. 

Worth always loved her smile.


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10 thoughts on “The Antics Of Worth and Gates 360-366

  1. So very sorry…

  2. I am heartbroken. Adrian was the first one to reach out to me when I started going through my chemo in March. His words to me were, “Fire away” when I wondered if I could ask him questions about this whole C-thing. He was amazing to lift my spirits and keep me going when I had my doubts about this whole awful disease. Please know my love, my heart and my prayers are with you, Lady P and, of course, beloved Adrian. Rest in Peace, sweet man. XOXO

    • Lois, thank you for your kind words. He would wish you to continue the fight with all your heart and soul. Never let it get to you and spoil your joy of life. It only truly wins if you let it take over. So try to rise above it and live life to the full whenever you can. I am hoping to continue with Photobeast so please stay in touch. Xx

      • That is exactly what my doctor said–you have to live your life. I am so happy you are going to continue Photobeast–I am here for the duration. Love to you.

  3. I cannot think of anything that will sound eloquent as nothing I can say can cover just how wondrous the words of your lives have touch so many of us. Sending love to you all. Xxxx

  4. I am so sorry to hear this sad news.

    I come from the Christopher Ward Forum and have followed your Antics throughout the year and his Life Blog for many more.

    May the toy soldier look after you now and for ever more.

    I feel privileged that he bought the 2012 Christopher Ward Forum Limited Edition watch also known as the scooter blue.

    Take care and stay strong for Adrian.



    • Thank you for your kind thoughts. He hasn’t been much in the CW forum lately but he still loved his watches. He still has his scooter and it was his wish to give it to a friend at work who always admired it.

  5. Im so so sorry…Ive been following this website for years now and have spoken to Adrian a few times via email.such a lovely man..its such a great loss.. Please be strong

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts. He was very poorly and it was inevitable and necessary. He died at home where he wanted to be. We did all we could to keep him peaceful. Xx

  6. Peanut, I’ve now found my way to this blog, and hope that I am now going to be able to follow here, as well – depending upon what you end up deciding to do.

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