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Tales from a Fractured Folly  31st January 2017

This is Malvern Library. Not it’s best angle but there was a ugly fat man in a HiVis jacket having a fag outside and he had to be put behind the bush. As well as housing books, this lovely building  is the home of the JobCentre. I had some business there and an appointment at 2 o’clock. I was trying to wrestle some money from the government which I am perfectly entitled to, as I am not pensionable age, no-one’s  fault but their own now they have changed the rules and I have to wait until 65. 

It has become apparent that the amount of money you seek in my situation is inversely proportional to the paperwork involved. So I had reams of paper and every certificate known to man for this meagre stipend. I was a little early so I had a cup of hot chocolate from the cafe. Then the nice lady came to find me and I said “can I bring this with me to finish it”.

“Well no,” she said “cups are not allowed on the desk because you might use it as a weapon” when I asked if that happened often she smiled and said “you’d be surprised”. I asked her if she wished to do a body search for knitting needles. Apparently that wasn’t required. I live a sheltered life.

Groovy Word of the day: insurgent

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Tales from a Fractured Folly  30th January 2017

I bought this wonderful little object at the fair I went to on Saturday. It called itself a coin purse for obvious reasons and it is just a little too small for a credit card. When I bought it I had no real purpose for it, it just pleased me. But I have discovered it’s destiny. I wrap my sturdy soldier in a small soft bag to travel but this still leaves him vulnerable as he has a relatively fragile bayonet (😳). So this is his travelling case now to keep him safe when he falls amongst the shambles that lies in the bottom of my daily bag, and makes him easy to find. 

I was totally zonked this morning, but I did get out eventually and organised the donation to the Festival Theatre where I  had a long chat to a nice lady called Emma, over a pot of tea and biscuits. We talked about many things and she clearly loves her job in Malvern Theatre and why wouldn’t she? 

Groovy Word of the Day : mellow

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Tales from a Fractured Folly  30th January 2017

A quiet day today. I was out to friends for lunch and as I had more or less invited myself I felt it only proper to take pudding. I should have made my Apple and blackberry crumble on Saturday but I had a long day out, didn’t feel like it and watched Taboo instead. 

Now that’s a programme! Normally I don’t care for programmes that have no likeable characters in it, but I will make this an exception. They are all vile and devious but it is very compelling. I think I want Tom to succeed because he is less ghastly than the others, although a bit damaged, he’s fighting his own corner and he’s clever.

So up and making crumble at 9.00. Does me good now and then to have a little organisation in my life. Nice lunch, then I fell asleep for a while. It was pouring with rain all afternoon so I might as well snooze in company as on my own.

Groovy Word of the day: somnolent 

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Tales from a Fractured Folly 28th January 2017

I think it’s safe to say I was in a bit of a mood when I posted yesterday’s rant. For that I apologise but as I have become what might be called by some, one who writes a diary, today it falls upon me to understand what happened there. Without the benefit of looking back, stepping back and considering, it could have just been forgotten. 

To put it simply, I had had a pleasant day, and came home to find that bill on my doormat. I resented it all bitterly, everything it stood for and reminded me of, that hateful disease, the sadness, the helplessness, the tears, the hugs, the watching and waiting, hoping and wishing. All of it just in case it had just briefly slipped out of my mind, there, whoosh, just to remind me I still owed them money. Three days after his funeral and I have already paid them half. So I was going to find fault with it wasn’t I?

Back to today’s picture above. This is the most beautiful display of knitted and crocheted poppies in the Cheltenham Town Hall, all done by the staff of GCHQ for the poppy thing last year. Me and a friend went there for Lulu’s vintage fair which was very good, I would recommend it and only £2 entrance. Bought some bits and bobs, by far the most astounding being this gorgeous little box for £6. I have no idea what it is made of but it weighs a ton.
We had a leisurely lunch in Carluccio’s, with chocolate bread and butter pudding and ice cream for pud which was amazing. So I have had another pleasant day. Only two lots of tears: once in Lulu’s fair when they sang “I can’t help falling in love with you” and the other when I wrote this and no horrid bills when I came home. So, a better day.

Groovy word of the Day: melancholy


Tales from a Fractured Folly 27th January

I can understand that questioning an undertakers bill is a shade tacky. But I cannot understand where the “doctors fee” comes in. Maybe someone can enlighten me. I would be very glad if they could or I will have to discuss this next week when I pay. As far as I could see the part a doctor had to play was well passed by the time they were involved. If they are telling me now had I paid more the whole thing could  have been avoided I wish they had said so at the time. You cannot get it all in motion until the On Call doctor has come, so who and what am I paying for? 

I had lunch with my friend who has had a close entanglement with a broken storage container and now cannot use her hand and has 6 stitches in her wrist. Domino’s to the rescue as it can be eaten with either hand. We discovered we have a similar taste in a good story so we can swap books and recommendations. We chatted about Ross Brawn and all these great ideas that Liberty seem to have for reviving F1 and how great it is that Bernie and all his money-grubbing ideas has been displaced at last. It seemed an almost normal day. 

Groovy Word of the Day : rapacious


Tales from a Fractured Folly: Thursday 26th January

I can’t believe how quickly they are getting on with the house over the road that burnt down last year. They have been ages seemingly doing nothing, but probably making it safe. Now they are tearing along even working Sundays. 

Today was the day I sold Worth’s Breitling. It will be going to another watch collecting friend so it will be close and personal to him. It was always the plan so it wasn’t too painful and Worth told me to buy myself something lovely to remember him by. What an odd thought. My whole life is something to remember him by. But I will, it will involve diamonds I think and it will probably not be new. We’ll see.

So pretty much my whole day was spent on watch related business. Tomorrow my Mum goes home. I have plans for the rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday and some tele to catch up on so that’s me sorted. Food and company is the secret to sanity for me. 

Groovy Word of the Day: imperious

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Tales from a Fractured Folly – Wednesday 25th January

Feeling a lot better today but the sunshine and lack of headache help. Bertie required his breakfast early so I was up as the sun rose and that’s always a good start to the day. Did some odds and ends of jobs, started thinking about watches ⌚️. Some are spoken for, some aren’t, one is mine to keep, some are mine to sell. I am open to reasonable offers 😉. Quite a quiet day with lunch in town and a trip to Malvern Theatre to end the day.

But I am still baffled by the sheer oddity of things that get to me. I seem to have overcome my terror of Waitrose and the goods within that I no longer need, thank goodness. But oddly have moved on to S Club Seven. 

I confess my taste in music is a bit tacky. I am a Westlife, Bryan Adams and even a bit of Trance fan. So it will come as no surprise that I love “Reach for the Stars”. And when I say love, I really mean love. Beastie used to get a lot of pleasure seeing me jumping about. I have heard it twice this month and both times, including now just writing about it, it makes me cry. I feel robbed of my little pleasure as though I have no business to enjoy it now; it’s all spoilt.

Now I know that’s clearly rubbish, my soldier tells me to dance, and I will one day. But not right now.

Groovy Word of the Day  – addled


Tales from a Fractured Folly – Tuesday 24th January

I cannot blog about yesterday. It was what it was,  and as far as those things go it was a good day. Enough.

But no-one told me how utterly awful I would feel today. I felt sick, had a headache (nothing new there), so tired, tearful and  completely miserable. I suppose I used up everything I had yesterday. Next time someone tells you how stressful getting married/divorced/giving birth/ in fact I would say pretty much anything is, perhaps you might gently tell them there is  worse. Amelia went home, my Mum is here until Friday. So my day consisted of a bit of paperwork for my new job and not much else.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Groovy Word of the day : desolation 

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Tales from a Fractured Folly – Sunday 23nd January


To prepare us properly for the day ahead, the day I call “that day” we both had our nails done by the Elf’s friend Charlotte. In order to make a of it party and because it is as also lunchtime, we had home made pate and toast, washed down with Bailey’s. A most pleasant way of having Sunday lunch as well as squeezing in a roast chicken dinner later with a rather lovely black currant and chocolate meringue to follow. A pretty quiet day all round but we still felt exhausted by the end of it. 

Groovy Word of the Day: torpor

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Tales from a Fractured Folly – Saturday 21st January 

You would have to be in a very dark place to not enjoy a shopping trip. The secret is to not want anything then you can be open minded about everything. So when I am greeted by a helpful assistant asking what I am looking for, I can reply “something I can’t live without”. That is the whole essence of shopping. Beastie logic decrees that for me at least, if I like it and it fits I should buy it. That was the basis of all our shopping trips, and we had many of those. That philosophy may seem excessive to some, but remember I am very small and not normally proportioned. Very few things ever fitted me and it became quite depressing at times. I’m sure most of you were aware his purchases far exceeded mine in both quantity and cost.

So, the picture speaks for itself. To those who know, Karen Millen is very neatly cut and more of her stuff fits me than most. I tried on three dresses. The first was good, a bit tight and clingy but acceptable. The second was good but too low at the front. The third was stunning. Very simple, very  elegant fitted like a glove, I didn’t even need to consult the soldier. I knew what he would say. (Remember the soldier was to give advice, goes with me everywhere). 

It obviously looks better with me in it but that will have to remain a treat for another day. It looks black in this picture but it is navy. Now I really have an excuse for those Louboutins. ❤ 

Sorry guys, very girlie post. Very unlike me. This man I am married to is getting in my head now I’m starting to think like him. 

Groovy Word of the day: assimilation