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Tales From A Fractured Folly  – Week 1


I didn’t want these sites to wither away. This one in particular was very precious to Worth and I know he would want me to carry on in some form. This isn’t meant to be dismal but as the Antics reflected the brighter side of our life together, this will be a reflection of my continuing life alone. I played a larger part in the Antics than it might have appeared, especially in the later months of the year. 

It is important that you know Gates was given precise instructions on how to continue living in the style which Worth had developed. Tears forbidden (yeah right babe), all opportunities considered and accepted whenever possible, standards to be maintained. All this with the added benefit of him now residing in my head, so I don’t even have the ability to remonstrate with him.

It’s been a week now and it seems like forever. For those who dont follow him on Facebook you should know Worth had an  overwhelming response to his last post. So many kind words and memories came streaming out, most of it Mini related. All this for a silly man who often said to me he had no friends because he thought himself too outspoken for anyone to like him much. 

I am quite surprised at how many weirdly humourous incidents have occurred and I know he would be laughing at it. (Most of these are best shared face to face.) The poor soul at the funeral directors (oddly called Joy) seemed particularly confused by my upbeat attitude. Having turned down almost all her “extras” she was then faced with my glee at getting a quite substantial refund for being a Co-Op member. In true Beastie fashion we squandered these savings on a necklace we had earlier spied in Malvern.

He would have been so proud. 😃

I feel very pleased that I have managed to create a calendar for this year, something we have always had every year with a selection of our pictures from the previous year, and something which I have only ever watched being done from a distance. I will be more proud when it actually comes and is ok. 

Amelia and I made the necessary trip to his place of work to do the paperwork and we very pleased to receive “Employee of the Month” award for Adrian and a gift.  The irony that he got it for the month he wasn’t there wasn’t lost. As I said, it doesn’t say much for the rest of them who worked that month. 

In my search for stuff to sort out I have found some letters and notes from him written to me years ago when we first met. He loved me then and never stopped and it is a great consolation to me to know that. He told me once if someone had said “you can have just 15 years of the best fun and love with Peanut and then it will end” he would always have taken that deal. 

I suppose in the end he did.

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5 thoughts on “Tales From A Fractured Folly  – Week 1

  1. I said, on one of Andy’s posts I think, that I shall miss Adrian’s blogs, so I’m glad that you will continue. He was a courageous man, and I like the necklace, great idea.

  2. I so enjoy these posts. Being across the Pond, I had to look up certain phrases Adrian used that were quite new to me. I am so proud that I now know what ‘chuffed’ means! It is really wonderful that you both took care of so much before his illness got to be too much. I do look forward to the adventures of Ola and Bertie. Will they ever be friends?! 😀 Take care, Peanut, and much love to you. Lois

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