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Keeping up appearances 


Today I had my hair done. It needed doing anyway but my instructions for… let’s call it “the event” were clear. To be my best, nothing less would be acceptable. That’s all very well but it dawned on me last night that I had no-one to come home to and tell me how nice I looked. I suppose it was a bit self indulgent but you miss these things. Having a bit of a moment whilst messaging the Elf, she suggested I see if I could pop round and see someone in the afternoon. Excellent idea. So I messaged The Don at 11.30 at night and he invited me round. End result was a cheerful afternoon and a meal in good company.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping up appearances 

  1. You look wonderful–a very cute cut! Oh, we do have to give instructions, don’t we? I stopped going to one young man who had his own ideas about my hair. I don’t think so!
    How are Bertie and Ola getting on–any better? Love to you.

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