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Tales from a Fractured Folly – 16th January


Bought some narcissuses today to brighten up my lovely but overwhelmingly white flowers. I have always loved these little things as they are a promise of Spring and better days. I am in serious need of that today. I heard on the radio that today was the most depressing day of the year. It felt it to me.   I have a swirling sea of sadness inside and    mostly I can keep it at bay, but should I?        I think I have to live day to day and let time work it’s magic. 

On the positive side I did manage to get round Waitrose and even mastered the Quick Scan gizmo, although I forgot to bag as I went so I had that pleasure when I had finished. Not an exciting day but ok.

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3 thoughts on “Tales from a Fractured Folly – 16th January

  1. I knew one English gentlemen who spoke of Waitrose like it was this magical store, so it is good to see it mentioned here. Oh, I do love the auto-checkout! Ours tells you if you don’t bag your items–I feel like it tells me in a much louder voice than it needs to! I don’t need for everyone in the store to know I messed up! 🙂

    • They do have an auto check out which like you say tells you when you haven’t bagged and a thousand other things. But I find them highly annoying. This is a hand held reader that you keep with you while you shop and zing in the bar codes as you go. Then you ping it into a dedicated terminal and pay at the end. It’s very easy and very trusting that you do actually ping it all. But they do random checks now and again. I expect if they keep finding you “forget” things they stop you using the toy. Waitrose is magical. Usually quite compact but with loads of varieties. So instead of an isle of corn flakes you get two rows on a shelf. They are for ever filling shelves. They sell loads of stuff. Not cheap but they only sell free range eggs, and nicely brought up grass fed outdoor meat. Lot of organic stuff and fair trade. It apparently affects your house price if you have a Waitrose near at hand. They are not everywhere. But Malvern is highly posh and very English so it would have one. 😀

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