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Tales From a Fractured Folly. Tuesday 17th


This was always going to be a busy day. First off an interview for a job. You may think that odd but Adrian was well when I applied and my need for occupation is even more now than it was. Then a quick trip to sign some stuff at the solicitors. I was meeting my friend Anne for a meal at Ask before going to the pictures to see La La Land. No time for too much thinking. Lots of jobs and doing things. This seems to work. 


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3 thoughts on “Tales From a Fractured Folly. Tuesday 17th

  1. Tell me how you liked the film–I so want to see this one. Good luck on the job interview!

    • My review of la la land would have to wait until you’ve seen it or. Would spoil it for you. A lot of people love it, I didn’t. It was alright. I left feeling a bit let down. I won’t make you wait…I got the job. It’s to be exam exam invigilator at my nearest high school. So it’s not a full on job or anything like. They will have times when they want you and times when they don’t. Anyway I’m very pleased

      • Yay for you on getting the job! I have been at my job for 23 years now so am totally clueless about interviewing. So very happy for you.
        Thanks for the honest review of LaLa Land. Everyone swoons over it–I really wanted a true opinion.

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