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Tales from a Fractured Folly – Tuesday 24th January


I cannot blog about yesterday. It was what it was,  and as far as those things go it was a good day. Enough.

But no-one told me how utterly awful I would feel today. I felt sick, had a headache (nothing new there), so tired, tearful and  completely miserable. I suppose I used up everything I had yesterday. Next time someone tells you how stressful getting married/divorced/giving birth/ in fact I would say pretty much anything is, perhaps you might gently tell them there is  worse. Amelia went home, my Mum is here until Friday. So my day consisted of a bit of paperwork for my new job and not much else.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Groovy Word of the day : desolation 


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6 thoughts on “Tales from a Fractured Folly – Tuesday 24th January

  1. My thoughts are with you

  2. My words are not enough.

    Also in my thoughts.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I know Adrian has not posted much on the CW site lately but would you be kind enough to announce his death on the forum for those who might have known him?
      On another note altogether he has a collection of CWs that I wish to sell but would rather they went to genuine CW lovers than be sold on eBay. C70 DBR1, C70 D type, C70IT, C70 MC and C70US. I can send pictures. They all have papers and boxes and a little model car appropriate to each. All in good condition but loved and worn, so maybe not perfect.

    • Hadn’t finished! If you would be kind enough to help me sell them on the site I would be most grateful. (The Scooter he had wished to be given to a friend.) Thank you l.

  3. I liked this because I hope each tomorrow is a better day. I do love the picture of his smiling face. Love to you.

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