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Tales from a Fractured Folly: Thursday 26th January


I can’t believe how quickly they are getting on with the house over the road that burnt down last year. They have been ages seemingly doing nothing, but probably making it safe. Now they are tearing along even working Sundays. 

Today was the day I sold Worth’s Breitling. It will be going to another watch collecting friend so it will be close and personal to him. It was always the plan so it wasn’t too painful and Worth told me to buy myself something lovely to remember him by. What an odd thought. My whole life is something to remember him by. But I will, it will involve diamonds I think and it will probably not be new. We’ll see.

So pretty much my whole day was spent on watch related business. Tomorrow my Mum goes home. I have plans for the rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday and some tele to catch up on so that’s me sorted. Food and company is the secret to sanity for me. 

Groovy Word of the Day: imperious

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2 thoughts on “Tales from a Fractured Folly: Thursday 26th January

  1. Oh my, that house looks huge! It was always fun to read about your and Worth’s shopping trips. Isn’t it funny when people say ‘something to remember me by.’ Like they will ever be forgotten….

    • That house is huge. And that isn’t all of it because that is the back and there is a whole chunk that sticks out in front to make it an L shape. It is stone built and a very typical huge Malvern house. It was beautiful before the fire but the old man who had raised a family there now lives there on his own. It will be stunning when it is repaired because it will have old proportions and style with modern electrics and heating. It’s worth more than 1 million and my fear was it would not be rebuilt but used to build 10 smaller houses. More useful I suppose but not so pretty. But we live in an “area of outstanding natural beauty” so they have to do things sometimes to maintain the character.

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