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Tales from a Fractured Folly 27th January


I can understand that questioning an undertakers bill is a shade tacky. But I cannot understand where the “doctors fee” comes in. Maybe someone can enlighten me. I would be very glad if they could or I will have to discuss this next week when I pay. As far as I could see the part a doctor had to play was well passed by the time they were involved. If they are telling me now had I paid more the whole thing could  have been avoided I wish they had said so at the time. You cannot get it all in motion until the On Call doctor has come, so who and what am I paying for? 

I had lunch with my friend who has had a close entanglement with a broken storage container and now cannot use her hand and has 6 stitches in her wrist. Domino’s to the rescue as it can be eaten with either hand. We discovered we have a similar taste in a good story so we can swap books and recommendations. We chatted about Ross Brawn and all these great ideas that Liberty seem to have for reviving F1 and how great it is that Bernie and all his money-grubbing ideas has been displaced at last. It seemed an almost normal day. 

Groovy Word of the Day : rapacious

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2 thoughts on “Tales from a Fractured Folly 27th January

  1. I always peruse all the bills and then call if I question something. My husband rolls his eyes but is so proud when the charge is removed. Do not let them take advantage of you, Lady P. I do not think you are a pushover, though! 😀

  2. It seem I was hasty and forgetful. My daughter remembers the conversation. Apparently two separate doctors have to sign the cremation permisssion and they charge £80 each. The death certificate is free.. I think it should be included in the price as it is compulsory. I hate things that can’t be avoided being add ons. Just me having an angry day. Actually I had come home from a very nice day and found said bill on the doormat. I think I resented it bitterly.

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