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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 4th February 2017

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This was my lunch for today, ham eggs and chips. The pigs are raised in the grounds of the pub, the eggs are from their own chicken and they grow the potatoes for the chips. Excellent in all ways and it was no mean slice of ham.

I had been out for the morning to the Queens  Square Breakfast Club at Castle Combe with Andy Williams and become more familiar with the obvious Porsche space in my life. I will have to have one. Even for a short while. With all the cars that were there, I can’t get past wanting one. 

At the Classic Le Mans in 2014 I made Beastie a promise that I would try and get a Porsche and take it into the Porsche owners paddock. They are offered the option of a (controlled) lap of Le Mans. I told him I would do that and think of him, as we already knew we wouldn’t do it together. I think he would forgive me if I really felt I couldn’t do it, or if I felt that I didn’t want one now. But he would never forgive me giving up on something I know I want.

Groovy Word of the day: hankering


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One thought on “Tales from a Fractured Folly: 4th February 2017

  1. Gentlemen, rev your engines…..!!

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