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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 5th February 2017

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Last night just before I went to bed I opened the fridge door and heard an odd noise. I have heard it before. There is a small fan that keeps the air circulating when the door is shut and when you open the door it stops. This time it made an odd slowing down noise which you don’t normally hear. This means that my self defrosting fridge has become iced up inside and the fan is now rattling on the ice. I have been inside the back of my fridge before so I knew what to expect.

One of the few useful things I learnt at work was how fridges work and how to take them apart, and I am familiar with what goes on behind those white panels. So I took it apart and found the ice. I am not sure why it had formed there and it needed to be gone but that is easier said then done as it was all frozen around its innards. So the important stuff had to come out of the fridge and stand outside overnight and the fridge had to be left open for defrosting. This also involved moving the fridge to get the drawers out.

So that’s how my morning started. Opening my eyes and thinking” s**t I have to get that fridge working first”. So downstairs I trot and it all seems fine. Obviously one of the cats had chosen that night to be sick behind and around this fridge which was now stuck at odd angles in the kitchen so that was the first job. But I put it all back together and plugged it in. The power came on but nothing more than that happened, no humming ,  buzzing or whirring of coolant. From somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that it doesn’t kick in straight away. I have no idea what it waits for but in fact it waited a good 5 minutes before I heard it’s friendly buzz and another 5 before the temperature indicators actually started dropping.  Another job successfully done and very pleased with myself, although the waiting was a bit tense.😯

The picture above half an hour later. Harmony is restored. I’m a genius. Out to lunch with friends today. I want no more excitement today so you can have this story early.

Groovy word of the Day : smug


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One thought on “Tales from a Fractured Folly: 5th February 2017

  1. Edward Hopper on your fridge–I love it! Wow. I don’t know a thing about my fridge–I am most impressed. I would be smug, too!

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