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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 13th February 2017

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I was planning to go for a walk today as it was forecast to be lovely and sunny. It was beautiful, although there was a biting icy wind on the top of the hills and I was glad I took my hat. My walk took me past “our” picnic place which was a rocky outcrop a bit off the beaten path. That was always going to make me cry but I couldn’t walk past it and not pay a visit, and fortunately my tears were shortlived as I discovered I had no tissues with me. I had the camera with me on purpose to take pictures which I could play with. My function in the Worth and Gates photo editing team was to relax at a distance and tell him what needed doing, while he struggled with the actual work. But the time has come for me to work on pictures and understand what he did. It was a shame I didn’t pay more attention when he was doing it, but I didn’t do too badly and although it took me all afternoon, I learned a bit.

Flushed with confidence I thought I would install an update when I had finished. Sadly it froze in the middle of installing it, so then I had another job to do. With the help of my trusty iPad I eventually fixed it and found out that it was ironically an update to the recovery software I had been struggling with. 

Groovy word of the day : lampoon


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One thought on “Tales from a Fractured Folly: 13th February 2017

  1. I so loved reading about your walks and your picnics. They were always heavenly.

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