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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 27th February 

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There are no obvious signs of dozens of frogs, but two were busy last night. A very welcome step towards spring. The highlight of today was stage four of my water meter saga.

I have long thought my water meter wasn’t working properly but as it seemed very cheap who was I to complain. It seems my days of paying £5 per month for my water might be coming to an end. Stage one was my meter being read, that was before Christmas. Stage two was someone more experienced also reading it and deciding it wasn’t working.  Stage three… an engineer to replace it. Stage four today two men and because it was too difficult for the single engineer. Sadly they too failed as there is something they need that they hadn’t got. I don’t like to complain as they are all nice people and are trying to be helpful and also I am not paying for any water. But this isn’t the most seamless piece of work. I wait with baited breath for 22nd of March when they are coming back for stage five. 😳

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