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It Tales from a Fractured Folly: 9th April 2017

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We woke up to a sunny morning with not a cloud in the sky. After croissants for breakfast we caught the bus to Waterlow Park, which is quite beautiful, and walked through it and around Highgate. I could live in Highgate, admittedly for only about a week I expect, then I would have run out of money, but it’s lovely.

White by accident we stumbled upon a tribute for George Michael, which I later found out was outside his house. We didn’t know he had a house in Highgate, but clearly a lot of people did.

When it was time for us to go to Highgate Cemetery we ambled down the hill but we had missed the first tour. Once booked on the second tour, we strolled around the East Cemetery and found the famous grave of Karl Marx.

Then we took our tour of the West Cemetery which was well worth the price, and even went into the catacombs where the coffins were laid in shelves, sometimes with stones to seal them, sometimes not, which I have to say were a bit spooky. Then back up the hill to The Flask for lunch, to Crouch Hill on the bus and finally home on the train. A lovely weekend with the most gorgeous weather. Thanks Dunk x

Groovy Word of the day: sepulchre


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