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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 7th May 2017


Proper playday today and wonderful weather for it. Today was our Treasure Hunt and this beautiful object was the Hare car that we never actually caught sight of. But we did get all our tasks done and found all our checkpoints. It was great fun and made us rethink our plans a bit. 

When we eventually rested we sat in this garden, had a long cool drink and contemplated £35 for a roast beef dinner😮In the end we went back to the Elf’s and had a ham sandwich. Then I had a long drive home and tucked my babies up in the parking space as we will be top-dressed tomorrow.

Groovy Word of the day : jaunt


Author: ibeastie

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2 thoughts on “Tales from a Fractured Folly: 7th May 2017

  1. Do you change cars daily or do you have a favorite that you drive all the time?

  2. I try to use them all at least weekly so sort of rotate so they don’t get flat and bored. But I use different cars for different stuff. So Big Paceman for long drives especially in bad weather cos it’s 4 wheel drive, Coupe for stuff that needs Speed and agility like the treasure hunt yesterday and for local stuff mostly the GP as it has no sat nav. Also I have training issues to deal with, people who like to use my spaces outside have to be corrected. And I never use a street parked car on a Friday because visitors to other people have been known to park outside my house all weekend. I love them all but the GP will be the next to go to make way for my Porsche and that will most likely be a convertible, so a proper sunny day car. Like shoes, different cars for different occasions

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