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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 29th May 2017


I started my day feeling pretty awful. Firstly because I was getting a cold and also because I still felt queasy from eating too much last night. I made the effort to get up and met up with the Elf and her friend at the Flea Fair at the showground and perked up as the day wore on. Thinking about my meal last night which was lovely, I considered when I last had that much to eat…it wasn’t this year: so last year then, thinking about it, over a year ago, because you don’t eat much when the person you are eating with doesn’t, and even less when you are on your own. And that brings me to a small point I need to make. Your bereaved friend will not be eating much or properly. I can assure you of that. Your bereaved friend will not wish to beg your company to eat with because they are too unhappy in their misery pit. Your bereaved friend will soon tire of running after friends who always seem too busy to care or for inexplicable reasons abandon you. So, if you wish to be helpful turn up with fish and chips and cheer them up, invite them for a relaxed social occasion they might enjoy. Do not say ” I’ll be there for you if you want me” – DO something. The good news is clearly I am feeling much better these days, the bad well, you can see for yourself. We ended our day at the Hay Festival to see Joe Lycett and had crab salad for tea. Great day. 🙄

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4 thoughts on “Tales from a Fractured Folly: 29th May 2017

  1. I have heard exactly what you are saying: Don’t tell the bereaved to call you when they need you. That will never happen. Call them. Do for them. Take initiative. I have no idea how hard this is for you, but your posts are always so positive.

  2. I had a strong man to train me

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