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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 4th June 2017

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I let the lid slip on my perfect world today. Do you know, my world isn’t perfect? It’s pretty shit sometimes, but I try to keep busy and fill it up so I don’t notice too much. Then some poor soul posts the wrong thing on Facebook and boy do they get it. The full blast of my venom and anyone who knows me well knows what that might involve. So, sorry I’m not perfect, sorry I feel sorry for myself, sorry I can be mean and hateful. That’s what comes of not having a Beastie in my life to spar with and attend to, I have too much time to dwell on myself. He was a big act to lose. Am I supposed to feel guilty that I nagged someone who I thought a friend that is too busy with their life to get in touch in ANY way for, lets see we will start at 5 months although it is much longer, and was today practically on my doorstep and says nothing?

So that was this morning and this afternoon I was at the shop in Shelsley and I found a soulmate who is in the same predicament as me, only 6 years on. Her wise words were “you can keep yourself busy but there is no joy in it”. Ups and downs, tomorrow is another day. 

Oh and the car is a Aston Martin Vulcan, one of 24 made at £1.8 million each, and which is really pants going uphill in the rain which you actually see in the picture.

Groovy Word of the day: slithery


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One thought on “Tales from a Fractured Folly: 4th June 2017

  1. Good for you! No point in keeping it all inside and acting like everything is wonderful when it’s not. Trying to get through the day is not the same as having fun doing it. Glad a kindred soul was able to provide words of support, but so wish ‘friends’ were there for you, too.

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