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Tales from a Fractured Folly : 10th June 2017

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I started the day in Birmingham with smoked salmon eggs Benedict with hot white chocolate. That’s quite a breakfast and lasted me most of the rest if the day, then I had another dip into culture and visited a small gallery in Birmingham. I had no idea what I was expecting as I went with friends and had not paid any attention to the info they sent me. It turned out to be a small but extremely tasteful selection of mostly modern art. If I had the odd £5-50K burning a hole in my pocket I would probably have bought something, as it was I left empty handed (my budget only runs to Porsches). The two babies above were Damien Hurst (and I love Mickey), but there was also some Banksy, Warhol, Lowry, Matisse and even a Picasso drawing. We were briefly tempted by the Apple shop but it wasn’t a shopping day for me. The whole trip was to show off my new car, so inevitably I came home in the rain, yes rain again. I should never have bought a convertible, it’s not stopped raining since.
Groovy Word of the day: miasma


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