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Tales from a  Fractured Folly: 13th July 2017


This is my tea tonight. A little cold lamb, deli coleslaw and some kind of invention of my own. Not bubble and squeak, but the same sort of thing with crushed new potatoes, runner beans, peas and garlic, fried in butter. Washed down with some lime vodka and lemonade it was delicious. For some reason that I can’t explain there were a lot of tunes on the radio today that I like to dance to. That has been an issue for me. Dancing on my own had only ever lasted so long then it got sad, but not so much today. So a good day. And I got well chatted up by an Albanian at the car wash, which did my ego more good than it should considering he was possibly half my age. In his defence he did speak Italian and loved Venice with no encouragement from me. The car is very nice and clean, oh and did I say lime vodka and lemonade is good 😊 

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7 thoughts on “Tales from a  Fractured Folly: 13th July 2017

  1. Ha! I am so glad you enjoyed the lime vodka and lemonade. My doc frowns on anything alcoholic during my chemo. All I would love is a glass of wine. But he is not in favor…… bummer.

    • No-one bothered what Adrian drank at any stage of his treatment, even after his liver resection when he lost over half of it. We did ask! I even remember when he was taking chemo as tablets and had to take them after meals, one warm evening in Venice he washed them down with a Bellini in a lovely little bar. If I were you I would ignore your doc’s frowning, time is short, spend it well. In the long run the chemo is thousands of times more toxic than any wine 🍷 😘

      • I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you are right. Chemo vs wine for toxicity? Really! Thanks so much! I will raise a glass to you.

      • You might know this already but, some chemo is so toxic that if the cannula comes out of your vein and into your flesh during administration, the chemo will burn your flesh to destruction. I can’t get my head round something so toxic that you can put in it your bloodstream but not on your body tissue. I’ve also read that in years to come people will wonder why on earth we used chemo at all. It has a purpose but it’s a dangerous path. Don’t get me wrong we were there too, but what choices did we have?

      • That’s the thing. What other choice is there? It is a painful decision and yet it is not. Sometimes I feel like I blindly trust my doctors, but then I don’t like the alternative. It is hard.

      • Exactly, we always did what was suggested. But it’s not s great choice. How’s it going?

      • Going well. I have quarterly PET scans, and things look good. You know, all my melanoma spread to my internal organs so it was not a matter of whacking off something on my skin. I have to do chemo for 2 years and that is till next March. I am also scared to stop. What if it comes back?

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