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Tales from a Fractured Folly: 2nd September 2017

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I went for a walk with friends around Croome Court today. It was a beautiful day and somewhere I need to go back to when the autumn colours have appeared. So a lovely walk which I was expecting to be a credit to Capability Brown, and it was.I wasn’t expecting a wedding at the church which is highly unusual and only allowed to those who are tithed to the Croome Court estate. So we hung around to watch.I also wasn’t expecting the bride to arrive in a metallic orange Rolls Royce convertible and neither were the National Trust, who were hanging around after they had gone in to escort them out safely. I think the wedding party were expecting resistance to their mode of transport and had rightly not told them but kept it hidden in the bushes until the last moment.

Groovy Word of the day: sneaky 🤐


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One thought on “Tales from a Fractured Folly: 2nd September 2017

  1. The church is beautifully huge and that car…..oh, it is lovely!

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