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Moving on; the Folly revived

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We left our posh hotel and went in an open bus to the silk factory where we watched the ladies there weaving the hand made silk for the Thai royal family. There was also the opportunity to buy and my treat was a lovely grey scarf, shaded light grey to dark. Then back in the bus for our journey to the elephant village. A spot of lunch and a rest then our task for the afternoon. They let us/me loose with a machete in a field of elephant grass which we needed to feed the elephants tomorrow. It was a unbelievably hot job, sweltering hot in the full sun, cutting then storing long stems of something like bamboo in the back of an open truck, all for an elephant’s morning snack. But we passed the elephants out walking and then later went to see the newest baby, just a year old and with a very inquisitive trunk😲


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One thought on “Moving on; the Folly revived

  1. The silk scarf sounds lovely. And the baby elephant…..I think those little ones are so darn cute!

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