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Moving on; the Folly Revived

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Today was pretty much all about Angkor Wat and we had a 4am start to get there. So it was as a long day made longer by the pleasure of a boat ride to watch the sun set. Everywhere you go there is chaos, noise and dust, and the feeling was that if you fell in the river we were sailing on, it was probably best just to drown quickly. With the obvious pollution and the possibility of any sort of waterborne disease you could think of, drowning was perhaps the best choice. And yes those little kids are bobbing about in oversized washing bowls in the open water, running the gauntlet of all the other boats out there, playing something like water chicken, duck I suppose.


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One thought on “Moving on; the Folly Revived

  1. I follow a blogger who posts about Angkor Wat, so your photos were fun to see! Oh dear, about the water…..!

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