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Moving on; the Folly Revived

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We are now installed in our much more pleasant surroundings but this morning the second half of our work began and it was a whole lot worse than I had imagined. 6.45 start to leave at 7.15, 40 minute hot polluted tuk tuk ride in rush hour, over bumpy, potholed unmade roads to the English school, cheerfully named Happiness House. The idea was to help in the class as an English speaker, then a return ride at 4. All this at 32C in not much more than an open hut.The reality was knackering and the teaching regime left no room for conversation or reading, as it was rote and chant, and very little else. Their spelling was perfect but I’m not sure they understood what they were spelling. All children in Cambodia have free access to school but they have to buy uniform and books, so many don’t go as they are needed on the farm. English is not taught until the age of 12, so the volunteer English schools are their best hope of doing something other than planting rice. We had nearly three hours with nothing to do over lunchtime so we were taken on a tour of the village and found another wedding. The chaps in lime green we’re not the band; they were the groom and his groomsmen. But after two full days of reciting the days of the week to three different classes, a thing I had not thought possible, I could stand it no more and Wednesday I stayed behind and tried to regain my addled wits. We did get out to a dancing show on Tuesday. What I called the “childcatchers tuk-tuk,” was in fact a laundry tuk-tuk, but it has a very worrying look about it.


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