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Moving on ; the Folly Revived



Our last full day today and again I opted out of going to the school and instead sat outside in the shade. It’s been an interesting time, not a holiday in any sense that I understand, much hotter and more hardcore than I had anticipated, but I think the heat is unusual for them too at this time of year. Together Beastie and I travelled a lot but only ever in civilised Europe. He had been to “exotic” locations in the past and said he wasn’t interested in going back. Now I understand that point of view. I too have no desire to go to some artificially nice resort where the locals live in slums but you never go there and see them. I like exploring my destinations but found little here that I wished to find out more about. There are certainly beautiful things to see but the amount of awfulness that surrounds them spoils it for me. The inequality of it is beyond my power to change, so I will stay away. It would be nice to think my being there and spending money would somehow help these poor souls but in this greedy world, I know it won’t. Yes, it opened my mind but once is enough, and I shall follow Beastie’s advice and stick closer to home and civilisation.

The other thing is that I am aware I am a very “stand alone” item. I cannot be one of the herd and when I find myself in the company of overpowering companions I walk away and leave them. This does not make me a popular person! But as time passes and some get to know me better they find out I am… well apparently cute and sweet, only because I don’t bitch up others and tell tales. It seems I am an oddity among women/ people by shying away from any kind of group, not making friends easily and happy with my own company, and some find that hard to deal with. That much is true, that’s just me.

I can’t wait to get home, to snow, the hills and my cats and to all that is lovely in my life. In the bigger scheme of things I am amongst life’s very lucky few, whatever comes my way. Actually we all are. In a world with 7.5 billion people we are at the very top and that is easy to forget.

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2 thoughts on “Moving on ; the Folly Revived

  1. ‘happy with my own company.’ That is me to a T. I feel sorry for people who are not.

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