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Young Bertie looking out at what would appear to be a lovely Spring day. But he’s no fool, he was cosy and warm while it was freezing outside. I haven’t done anything exceptional this month, just been busy doing ordinary stuff. I went to my mum’s for her birthday and we both went to Folkestone for a walk in the sunshine.I’ve had some nice meals with friends, got myself another little job being a steward for Cheltenham Festival, that’s a week’s work in March, with the option of more on other race days if I like it. I did tidy the garden for an hour, particularly the pond which was full of dead iris leaves and needed cleaning up before the frogs arrive for their yearly frolic.

But it has been so cold, as it was again today. I went for a walk but only a baby’s walk – if it’s as cold as that on my side of the hills out of serious wind it was going to be diabolical on the top. The sunshine was nice but it was good to get home again.


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2 thoughts on “The Folly Revived

  1. Little Bertie is so cute–and smart, too!

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