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At last today it looks like the big freeze is over. The snow might get washed away by the rain soon and the temperature is civilised again. I’ve done some invigilating this week for ‘A’ levels but by Thursday the school was closed. Not an exciting week, mainly trying to keep warm and staying indoors although I did venture out to Malvern on Saturday morning to keep a hair appointment. It was a lovely walk setting out at 8, walking 2 and a half miles, having a haircut, then walking home, with a brief pause at the jewellers to look in. The chap in there was clearly going to have a quiet day, and suggested I buy some earrings to make it worth him turning up. I nearly did, actually very nearly did. It was probably only me not having my glasses with me that stopped me. I couldn’t quite make out the price 😮. The cats were on top form despite the weather, Ola caught a lady blackcap much to my dismay. Bertie brought home a mouse, lost it in the fireplace and pulled all the coals out of the gas fire to find it. These pics I took in the garden today

He’s not such a skinny lad any more

These poor things were completely bent over in the snow and I thought they were goners, but they have perked up ready to greet the Spring again.

You can still see some soot on his face from his fun with the coals, his feet are still grey.


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2 thoughts on “The Folly Revived

  1. He is SO CUTE! Oh, that little innocent face. 🙂

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