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I’ve had quite a hectic week. Sunday was a day from Hell. My niggling tooth which has been super sensitive on and off for well… years has been slowly getting more and more hard to cope with. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s close friend, my wisdom tooth next to it, has been pushing it for years and has decided that this would be a good time to appear. So off he went with a vengeance this week and by squeezing my back molar sideways turned what was just a sensitive tooth into a screaming banshee. A trip to the dentist then and an X-ray, the poor chap was pondering what to do and in the end decided taking the molar out was a whole lot easier than fighting with a wisdom tooth. A bit of invigilating, two lovely lunches with friends, (partial) new stripes for SilverBeast – expensive, but put in the shade by the cost of new bathroom taps 😳. ( it’s not worth replacing the cartridge thingies on these fancy taps- “might as well get new taps love”. Who would have guessed that?)Then a few WOW moments…

Wow 1. Tooth out with absolutely no pain whatsoever at any point. Dentistry has clearly moved on.

Saturday was my training day for my Stewards job at Cheltenham Festival.

Wow 2. I had no idea how utterly huge and extravagant event it was. There’s a Boodles in the tented village for goodness sake. (Like Tiffany’s – they don’t price stuff just leave you to guess)

Wow 3. There are 8,500 staff to 70,000 visitors- that’s about the same ratio as some cruise ships.

Wow 3. I have never seen so many tables laid up so beautifully in one place, half the worlds wine glasses must be there, and most of the current barrelled Guinness.

Wow 4. Still very naive about this but the work involved in getting this kind of massive event up and running is mind boggling. They are working hard today.

Wow 5. I will be in the Princess Royal Stand, the very poshest of the posh, that’s where the picture is from. The Royal Box is on the far left. No-one is quite sure how as a newbie I got that but hey, I might have to learn to curtesy. This is my jacket, I get a scarf and blazer on Tuesday.


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