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It is a geographical fact that if you stand on top of the Malvern Hills and look east, the next things you reach that is at your height are the Ural Mountains in Russia. So you can imagine the mess our recent “Beast from the East” versions 1,2 and 3 have made of my front window. But I was reluctant to clean it until I thought the worst had passed. Today was the day. I started by perching on the window sill with a feeble grip on the sash window to support me, but I heard that voice in my head, “What have I told you about doing stupid things on your own. Get the ladders out and stop being a prat”. He’s was quite right, he often was, very annoying. Even with the ladders it’s still hard work and I have another bigger bay window to clean round the corner. But I did them, then did the insides. I’m guessing today’s weather won’t last.


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