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There were a couple of weeks in April with not much going on for me and I needed to find something to keep me busy. I would have liked to get some gardening done but it was still cold and wet and I’m a fair weather gardener . So I thought I would do a bit of spring cleaning in the kitchen, but it soon became obvious that the kitchen was badly in need of sprucing up. So what started as spring cleaning ended up as complete redecoration and I must confess I found it quite hard work. It’s not just the painting, it’s the tidying up and moving stuff and working round my massive fridge that doesn’t move far because it’s connected to water. But I did it and I’m very pleased with what I got done. It doesn’t look very different but it’s two shades of pale grey now and it is lovely and clean. The radiator still needs doing but that won’t take long.

I did have a brief diversion when I should have been working to see Duncan in London. I caught the train and we met up at Kew Gardens. We managed to pluck a gorgeous day out of thin air quite by chance, so we could enjoy a day in the sun.


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2 thoughts on “The Folly Revived

  1. Your kitchen looks wonderful. Imaging having to tidy up the gardens at Kew? I need to get out in my backyard but it has been cold and rainy here in sunny Florida, too. I don’t do cold or rain!

    • That’s an easy choice in Florida, or so I thought. Cold and rain is a way of life here so when the sun shines we all go crackers. And after this winter we all thought a Spring would never come.

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