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The Folly Revived. April 17-22nd

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This week saw me hurtle from having not much to do to being out every day. Monday I met up for lunch with a friend who sadly and unexpectedly finds themselves in a similar position to me. I wasn’t trying to cheer him up, that’s a way off, just trying to help him along and give him a chance to talk about stuff. Lunch lasted a long time in a good way. Tuesday Pilates started again. Wednesday I was requested to buy three pairs of Jimmy Choos which were looking unloved in the designer agency in Malvern for the Elf. She has plans for those.Then I spent a beautiful afternoon at Croome Court where with some careful planning I squeezed in lunch and afternoon tea. Thursday (a lovely day and about 20C warmer than last Thursday) I met up for lunch with a lady I met ages ago on the train to London, then later went out for a meal in the evening. Friday I worked off some of the calories cleaning Ruby for her day out on Sunday. I washed her mats then realised the shampoo I had used had left marks, so I had to soak them, brush them and leave them to dry in the sun. They eventually dried off behind the radiator a day later. Saturday I met the Elf for a breakfast of Eggs Benedict in Birmingham followed by a Champagne tasting demonstration. We spent two hours tasting six champagnes whilst being thoroughly entertained by a very knowledgable Canadian sommelier, and left with the one we liked the best. On the way home on the train we all got kicked out at Bromsgrove and had to wait on the platform for an hour for the next one ( a problem with drivers). Fortunately it was a lovely day and the wait didn’t seem too bad. Then Sunday I was up and out at 8 with my friend Anne to go to Cotswolds Airport where we started a rally to Shelsley with the Midland Auto Club. Again, another lovely day with Ruby’s roof down. A spot of breakfast before I left, sausage bap when we got there, sunday roast at the Village Inn, Twyning ( btw stunning meal for £7.50 and very friendly) and a huge afternoon tea back at Shelsley…and I still have some cake to eat later. A week of good weather, good food and friends. I could get used to this.


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One thought on “The Folly Revived. April 17-22nd

  1. I am worn out just reading this–but in a good way. Oh my–those Jimmy Choo’s…I don’t do high heels but that strap might be the trick. So cute!

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