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The Folly Revived. April/May

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I think my last week was so busy that this week seemed a bit tame, but that a harsh word, I just wasn’t rushing about like a madman. It looks like we have dipped our toes in winter again; hopefully this really will be the last time. My front garden is looking cheerful – I managed to tidy it up while the sun shone.Friday I slipped out for a carb fuelled lunch in Longhope (the middle of nowhere) and experienced the joys of a Longhope Cruffin, this time chocolate and orange filled. I also had a long and unexpected conversation with a jeweller who had a small unit full of glorious stones cut in mysterious ways, all of which which he was eager to explain. He clearly didn’t get many visitors and enjoyed the opportunity to tell me all the tricks that jewellers play on simple fools like us. (Obviously he doesn’t)Sunday was freezing. Any plans I had evaporated and I had lunch with friends locally, ate an enormous piece of caramel fudge clotted cream cheesecake ( which defeated me) and sat indoors and drank tea.This isn’t something you see often. In fairness to Ola she had already spat at poor Bertie for saying hello, but for once she stayed put. He didn’t really care, just washed his feet.On Thursday curiosity led me to Norton Armouries ( also in the middle of nowhere) where there was a job going for an Armour Assistant. I had no idea that there was a barn in Eastnor that makes most of the armour for films and suchlike. The job is possibly a bit hardcore for me – a lot of pressing, sanding and some serious fibreglass moulding. But they have to make 300 sets of armour for two films being shot in the summer and they also need a more delicate touch to paint and dress the suits and helmets, and make up the chainmail. Coming home I stopped off at the spring to refill my bottles then took a walk through this sea of bluebells, it’s still a bit early but another day or two of sun and they will be spectacular. Walking through bluebells was always special to me and Worth; it’s strange to think I’ve done it twice now on my own, but I’m very aware I’m on my own. It doesn’t hurt any less but it doesn’t stop it being lovely.


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One thought on “The Folly Revived. April/May

  1. Ola and Bertie still not buddies? I am so amused at the indifference of some cats. I think I told you that my little Parker and big sis Kitty (RIP) never got along, either. Parker took it all in stride, just as Bertie is doing. Oh, I so wanted them to be friends. Your front garden is beautiful. We worked in the yard (front and back) Saturday and I was beat! Mine don’t nearly as pretty as yours, though.

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