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The Folly Revived May Adventure Day 2

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There is no polite way to say this…it was ******* freezing cold and raining when we left Bannes this morning. Fortunately we had the joyous accompaniment of “Accordion hour” on the radio which did a lot to cheer us up. As we drove into Switzerland it stopped raining and we soon found our hotel. It was such a pretty place it’s a shame the weather was so gloomy. We had a little walk and hatched our plans for tomorrow, gave some thought to a meal and ended up back at our hotel where we were thoroughly spoilt. I had an Aperol spritz, a small glass of Pinot Grigio, a goat’s cheese soufflé and some kind of veal in puff pastry with these little round things . They told me they were beans, they were very nice but not at all bean like in texture. We were quite “cheerful” by then and had much discussion on what they might have been. I didn’t eat them all. But it was a lovely meal in a lovely place with highly attentive and friendly staff, all eager to find out what an espresso martini was so they could make one for the Elf.


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