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The Folly Revived. Day 3 – Lucerne

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The weather forecast for today was undecided. The only certain thing seemed to be that it would rain and when it started it would pour for hours. So we togged ourselves out with boots, raincoats and umbrellas and obviously it didn’t rain until much later in the evening. We were going to Lucerne by boat, there is no point in staying on a lake if you don’t enjoy the water. We found the many watch shopsthe Lindt shop – yes these are all chocolates and the brown glossy wall at the back is warm liquid chocolate. It smells divine in there. We had some lunch and explored the city.We found the cathedral where someone was practising their melodies on the organ.We ventured up this clock tower, climbing up ever worse flight of stairs, always thinking that we’d come this far, we might as well go on, until the last ghastly steep, very high stone steps took us up to the Bell. Then we had to come down and that steep staircase beckoned us. This time we could see through the rail to the bottom of the tower, a flimsy, shiny rail polished by the sweaty palms of other intrepid adventurers who like us now realised what a terrible mistake they had made. It was quite awful but it had to be done. Our legs were stiff with terror once we reached the bottom so we rewarded ourselves the only way we could – with tea and cakes.Then the boat home and a nice meal out, we used the umbrella this time, and were met outside our hotel by these two.


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One thought on “The Folly Revived. Day 3 – Lucerne

  1. what a beautiful day you had! Tea and cakes–yes, I would climb all those stairs for cake!

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