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The Folly Revived Day 3a

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Just a little aside from the main event and please be understanding because this is how it is. Looking at a thousand watch shops in Lucerne, we found ourselves in the Hamilton shop and naturally the chap tried to sell me one. “This is very nice for a lady” he says. ” I have that one at home ” says I, “and a steel Ventura. And my husband had one of those, an Elvis Ventura and that one. You don’t sell the badges do you?” “No” he says and gives me one (picture above). “Perhaps your husband might like this ?” While I hesitated wondering what I should say he went on, ” Ah, you have left him at home”. Well yes we have… still pondering. “This new Hamilton has a reversible face so a watch on one side and a host of gadgets the other. I’m sure he would be interested in the heart monitor”, he says. At this point we smile and leave. Some things are best unsaid.


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One thought on “The Folly Revived Day 3a

  1. Oh, dear. Sometimes you really want to give a person the benefit of the doubt. Other times, you just wish they would stop talking. I am so sorry for this.

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