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The Folly Revived Day 4

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We had a change of plan today. We were supposed to have stayed at Weggis and left for Brescia tomorrow morning. But firstly Mille Miglia had for some reason changed the days of the race this year. It has always been leave Thursday, return Sunday. This year for no apparent reason it is leave Wednesday, return Saturday. I only found out last week so my plans needed some adjustment. We thought about leaving Weggis early Wednesday and tearing to Brescia but that was fraught with hazards. So we decided to leave on Tuesday and stay somewhere else Tuesday night. Although this might seem expensive as Weggis was already paid for, in fact Switzerland is so astronomically expensive to eat out in, we could get a room and a meal for what a meal alone cost in Switzerland. It was also forecast to rain all day. So, after a leisurely drive to Bergamo we walked into the town, looked in some shops and had pizza for supper.Pizza or cake or maybe both.


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One thought on “The Folly Revived Day 4

  1. Oh, definitely both! 🙂

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