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The Folly Revived Day 5

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This was our morning view today with a blue sky and sunshine, Ruby resting on the grass ready to take us to Brescia. It’s an odd thing but even in Brescia on the day the Mille Miglia starts you wouldn’t realise anything was happening unless you got to the city centre and then you might wonder why some of the roads were shut. It was as a wonderful day, just as it should be, but a bit of an “us” thing so a bit odd for me. This amazing creation is an Alfa, so, yes, it might break down but what an amazing thing to break down in. If you have ever considered the link between wealth and good looks come to Brescia. There is a hugely disproportionate number of good looking people, old, young, male, female, whatever is your taste you will find it there. And yes, I still find Italian motorbike police strangely disturbing; it’s something to do with boots and tight trousers. Ady understood.


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