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The Folly Revived Day 6

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I didn’t feel great this morning – it was as no-ones fault but my own. I had a beer with lunch and then two glasses of wine with dinner which is pushing my luck and the Elf and I shared a selection of puddings. That was monumental – hot chocolate pudding with English cream( that’s custard), fresh fruit salad with lemon ice cream, panacotta with raspberry sauce and chocolate mousse with mint cream. These were not small portions! And all that after steak with cheese sauce and roasties and Mohito chicken with rice and because we couldn’t decide who was having what we shared them. We had a long walk round Brescia, tried on some dresses, sat outside in a deluge having lunch then walked to the castle. Anyone contemplating holidaying with me, be warned… we have had two days where we did 20,000 steps and those weren’t all flat by any means.


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One thought on “The Folly Revived Day 6

  1. So that is how you work off all those calories! 🙂

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