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The Folly Revived Day 8

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We found this in Brescia today, never seen it before. We decided to skip the rather disappointing breakfast in our hotel this morning and have a late breakfast in Brescia while we watched some of the Royal Wedding. So this turned out to be my breakfastwith fresh orange, tea and shortly after, a glass of champagne sent by a charming man on the next table. Good start. Then a walk, a coffee, a chat to someone waiting for their mates Jag to arrive. We had planned a meat and cheese platter for an early dinner.The chap in charge took a shine to us after we had asked him to choose our wine, so he then brought us some asparagus in oil, mozzarella, a shot of something diabolical which he did explain but I have now forgotten, then a cream, rum, chocolate and nut pudding, which had cinnamon on it so poor Elf couldn’t eat it. So he brought her a small salted chocolate pie on her own silver dish. We were by now so smashed that we could barley stand but then we found ourselves in what was nearly a riot, but fizzled into something and nothing, so the riot police put down their shields, took of their helmets and had a fag, as Italians do.(This nonsense was some do-gooders marching for Palestine.) Off again, this time distracted by an Alfa Stelvio, there are a lot of them around here as they are Mille Miglia sponsors. They are lovely, but I know they are expensive, and this beauty would not be the cheap version. Then this arrived. Number 152 Bentley Mk VI, with leather on the outside!Fiat 8V Zagato. Only about one million pounds worth. And as we probably won’t be in the centre tomorrow I shall leave you with this pic which sums up Italy…why did they hang their sign upside down in the Metro? I will be back, I have many strings that tie me to Brescia, it was a place we loved together and I love it still, apart. But I miss him here more than I have for a long time and those strings will always tie me. Just why would you ever go anywhere else on holiday when Italy is so full of perfect imperfections?


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  1. This was such a sweet post.

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