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The Folly Revived – A Trip To Italy, Part Two

I got home from Italy on Tuesday, just had time to wash my smalls, and then I was due back in Italy on Friday, this time to Sorrento for a very different kind of holiday. This second one was a lovely unexpected surprise with no choice of date because this time I was not going on my own. Worth never wanted me to live the rest of my life alone, he most certainly wouldn’t have done so if I’d left first. I still have moments, more so lately as there is a guilt thing lurking about, and sometimes it all hurtles back and there you are crying again, just for a minute or two, with no earthly reason why. But it soon passes and my “That was then, this is now” philosophy seems to get me through. I’m able to be very quick at judging what’s right for me these days and what’s wrong has to go, with great haste.

So my Special One is very right and of course, he has a Mini, but as he doesn’t live close we have days together then days apart, which is what we’ve been doing during the summer. I’ve known him vaguely for years and quite how it all happened is a mystery to both of us. I was only trying to be helpful after his wife died simply because I knew how bad people are after you lose your other half. He was not on Worth’s list of unacceptable companions for me ( oh yes, Worth had one, at least in his head. Failure to comply would have resulted in him haunting me 😳). It doesn’t seem right to drag him into this long saga but it’s my story too, so it’s enough that you know I have someone special by my side again.

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The Folly Revived – Secret Italy Day 6


Our early flight was delayed by the Ryanair luggage loaders not loading, (a mechanical fault) so we were an hour late leaving. It flashed through my mind that it was 9/11 ( 11th September to the rest of the world 😀) but that’s not a thing to dwell on while you’re on a plane. Leaving Marco Polo airport I got an enticing ( but shockingly grainy) view of Venice from the plane, but as it turns out this trip ended up being a recce for another trip, including Venice, that will happen next year. But that’s another story.

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The Folly Revived – Secret Italy Day 5


Our last day started with a visit to Bassano Del Grappa and it’s Grappa museum with tastings. Situated at the foot of the Alps, it is a stunning little town with wonderful views. We did a little Palladio villa hunting on the way, just for a quick look as a lot are privately owned, and ended up at Villa Sandi in Valdobbiadene for a tour and a tasting of Prosecco

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The Folly Revived – Secret Italy Day 3


Our destination today was Vicenza which was a lovely mix of mostly old and a bit of newer, lots of trees and quite like Venice in parts. On the way we spotted this lovely villa.

We had a guided tour to start then we were free to find our own lunch. I popped into the Theatro Olympico not knowing what to expect and found this wonderful place, Europe’s oldest indoor theatre.

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The Folly Revived- Secret Italy Day 2


We had an 8.30 start to give us time travel to Padua for the morning. I’m afraid I’m drawn to shops unless something very out of the ordinary intrigues me. I would have liked to see Galileo’s observatory in the university but that’s a trip for another time as I’ve discovered it’s open at 9pm in the summer, so you can see the stars. The university tour would also have been nice but their website said tours were on the afternoons on on Fridays, although someone else in our group went on one😃. You’ve got to love Italy 🇮🇹.

Our afternoon was spent on the Brenta canal looking at all the beautiful summer villas that belonged to rich Venetians. If you have a million or so you could snap up a ruined one up and restore it, there are a lot just falling to bits and it’s rather sad to see.

I ended the day with dinner in an old brothel. It doesn’t seem to have changed much.

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The Folly Revived – Moving on. A trip to Italy – Part One.

So now it’s September and I’m off on another adventure. My summer has by no means been dull and I have not been idle, but I chose to keep it close. More of that in Part Two. This holiday was booked in February and is a short tour of Secret Italy – Padua, Mantua and Vicenza. An early start for flying at 7am but it is a beautiful morning and I will still have a lot of day left once I arrive. It’s strange to be flying to Venice and not going there, but as Worth once said, you should always go to Venice with someone you love. For me at least, Paris has the reputation but Venice has the heart and soul.